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No More Tears – said the Onion

12 Feb Posted by in Ramble | Comments
No More Tears – said the Onion

Scientists in a New Zealand research institute have recently developed a new ‘tear free’ onion, expected to hit the onion market in a decades time. There is a gene in the onion which creates an enzyme that will induce tears. This gene can be ‘switched-off’ by this new technology. They also expect the health and flavours will be enhanced.

This must only be a profit seeking venture – as I don’t see any harm in a few tears shed while cutting an onion. Onions have been enjoyed for over 5000 years, I don’t think onions are in danger of being passed by due to their tear-inducing behaviour. I have established quite a tolerance to this enzyme I believe, as I frequently watch others around me in tears while I’m slicing an onion with dry eyes. This can be rather entertaining.

There are some major concerns with genetically modified crops – including environmental, human health, and economic concerns. While there is no way to tell what the long term consequences of tear-free onions may be, that may be the exact reason why we should be concerned.

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